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meet your Success 411 Law of attraction Coach Mona Thorpe
Mona Thorpe, success stratigest, law of attraction coach, author, entreperreneur.
In the early 1900s William Walker Atkinson, wrote a book called "Thought Vibration / the Law of Attraction in the Thought World.” His writings brought the law of attraction phenomenon to the forefront of problem-solving, all the way back in the year 1906! Over 100 years ago. 1912, Dale Carnegie developed his training programs which were all based on a positive mind-set. In 1937 Napoleon Hill wrote his book Think and Grow Rich, again all based on a positive mind set. Norman Vincent Pearl wrote his book The Power of Positive thinking in 1952.

In today’s world we have Brian Tracy, Michael J. Losier author of The law of Attraction, Ester Hicks, author of The Science of Deliberate Creation, teaching success strategies with the bottom line being, positive thinking.

There’s absolutely no rocket science going on here. It’s simply straight forward and to the point. What you think about you draw into your life. This is not a new phenomenon!

In spite of this knowledge, approximately only 2% of the people who take workshops that are packed full of great strategies and immersed in the power of positive thinking, are not able to utilize the information to think positively or achieve their goals.

After almost every segment of Napoleon Hill’s training he asserts one very poignant statement. He says, “ AND YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL, IF YOU ARE READY FOR IT.…. and this RIGHT here is THE reason why 98% of the population is falling short of their goals…Because even though success is really easy to achieve, noted by many powerful thought leaders going back as far as 100 years ago, teach that all you have to do to be successful is think positive and you will attract that which is positive into your life.

Some of us may be ready for some success, no success or big success. If you’re ready for big success you’re in the 2% category.
But what if you want success and you are not ready for it? What then? Make yourself ready for it? Our thought leaders tell us think and we will grow rich…. but the caveat is that it won’t really happen unless we are ready for it. So, thinking positively, isn’t really the base line solution to attracting our goals or our success.
Then what is the answer? The answer is one that I spent so many years in search of because success was always just out of my reach. It was painful for me to constantly underachieve, which I did right through school and even college. I felt like there was an invisible wall between me and what I was trying to reach for. My inability to succeed followed me into every aspect of my life both personal and professional. It seemed when I reached out for success, I would just discover more ways to fail. I remember in high school, I felt like an empty shell with nothing to offer.

When I turned 16, I decided that what-ever spell I was under, was just that, a spell and spells could be broken! I took on three waitressing jobs, put myself in therapy where I stayed for 9 years, participating in many different disciplines, ranging from Gestalt, Transactional, Primal, Freudian, group therapy and others. I had undergone an intense course of introspection where I discovered so many fascinating aspects of myself and other people. I still wasn’t done. I went on to read every self- help book I could find, took self-improvement workshops, and self-help courses, studied metaphysics and many different forms of spiritualism. It was finally then I stopped to look at my life. I realized I had done a 360 degree turn. I was no longer incredibly shy and withdrawn. I was in a good marriage to a wonderful man, had a large circle of friends, and was running my own business earning more in one month than most corporate executives made in one year! I wasn’t paying attention to how this all turned around, but I was quite happy about it.
Although, my friends at that time were feeling threatened about my success. I hadn’t finished college because I was working part time while attending and started to earn a substantial income and loved what I was doing. I decided what I would learn in college is not what I needed to know in my career. Life experience was much more valuable. This was upsetting to my friends who had finished college and some with advanced degrees who struggled to find work making decent money.
I offered them a job with me. The plan was to teach them my business which was executive recruiting and work together. Long story short, all three were not finding success, reporting a variety of reasons. Some saying they felt uncomfortable talking to presidents of companies, and receiving the many no’s that come with the job until you hit a yes. I knew two of them very well. I knew their families and how they interacted with them. I started to put two and two together. They did not fit the bill of being intimidated at all, of anyone. I had given them game plans for when a potential executive said no, how to deal with it inside and out and many other scripts to combat their complaints. They still veered away from the work still holding onto their reasons. I was starting to see clearly from my many years of listening to other group members talk about their lives and hurdles and from all the analysis I went through as well as being dedicated to living a life of self-introspection. I saw that my friends were not able to see what was truly in their way of succeeding at this job.
They had the desire and the intent but, like when I was running into that invisible wall as a child, they were now doing the same. Through many years of seeking the answers as to why I was failing at everything along with many years of self-introspection, therapeutic analysis, and just plain in your face reality, I was able to make the invisible wall visible to me. When I did that everything started to change for the better. Life just got easier, more fulfilling and absolutely exciting. I was now looking at my friends and seeing the same hidden barriers in them. I thought to myself, how am I going to get them to see what their hidden barriers were? It took me at least 10 years of constant study and perseverance of uncovering layers of things that were painful and doing it over and over again until I had reached the clarity I needed to move past what was in my way. Where I had never thought about how I turned things around to get where I was, I was never as clear of it at that very point.
I believe my friends had come into my life in this way and at this time to get me to see a very potent process I had created, having the power to transform a personality that once led to enormous pain and heartbreak many times over, was now unfolding in front of my eyes. I felt for them and where they were at that point. I wanted to share my process with them, but I hadn’t laid it out yet. This was a very strong motivator for me to do so, and I did so. I laid out my program step by step, inch by inch like Abbott and Costello! I tried to share it with my friends as I was going along. However I lost them while I was preparing the program but not the passion that it stirred up in me to continue with recording my process. I went back to the beginning and charted every process that I created. I chiseled out the outer layers and kept the most potent and relevant work. When It was finally ready to go, I invited four other friends of mine and presented the workshop to them. They were blown away. One by one their issues were uncovered, exposing the “Why factor” in what was holding them back from each and every goal they were blocked from achieving. This was truly the most exciting work I had ever done. Even with my financial success in my recruiting business, this far out shadowed that. I couldn’t take my mind off the program and working out the kinks and improving it, so people didn’t have to spend multiple years to find an emotional process for success. They could come to a workshop, be presented with the uncovering of their hidden barrier, which is the “Why Factor”, learn a very important step to let it go and have a strategic plan from that point to travel onto their true path, goals and successes. Friends were telling others about my program and people were flocking to my workshops and coaching. This was social media at work before social media became such a big thing.
I had taken a 10+ year journey and put it into a workshop that in 6 weeks changes people lives in a profound and exciting way. “The Why factor” addressed in all my webinars and including “Unleashing Your Power of Attraction” is where my attendees gain back their power. When people can connect to “The Why Factor” buried within the subconscious, they gain access to their power without interference, to the ability to think and grow rich, to use the law of attraction in the thought world because there are no barriers and every thought you purposely think will be able to create the thought vibration you need to attract exactly what it is you want.
There are people that have a great deal of hidden barriers to work through to get to their goals. Some people have significant amount to process through and some have very little to process. Any place that anyone is at, it is without a doubt, possible to work through and manifest your most amazing dreams! I know this because I was one that had a great deal to work through and am still joyfully creating and transforming my thoughts. That will be in my next story. Stay tuned!
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