Unleash Your Power of Attraction 

by Discovering the One Hidden Law of Attraction Truth
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Webinar Program Series Starting MAY 10th, 2021

Hi, I'm Mona!

I wanted to share why I provide coaching services on the topic of the Law of Attraction. I Struggled for years using the Law of Attraction Process to deliberately create and manifest my goals with some but few results.

I discovered, over a course of 10 + years, hidden barriers running interference with my ability to use the law of attraction process effectively. Over that period I was able to design a process to uncover and transform those barriers so they no longer interfered with my focus. 

Once my focus was clear, my power to deliberately attract was unleashed. I was inspired to chart this process and share it with others, who like myself, are interested in living the life of their dreams.

Join Us and Learn How To...

Build a powerful foundation for your success goals and their expansion

Be free from struggling with hidden barriers that once held you back from attracting your goals

No longer wait years to see results of your creations.

Be able to discover and quickly identify hidden interference and immediately realign your focus to your true goals.

Allow in and live with a consistent flow of fulfilled dreams.

"Join us ONLY if you want to live with a 
consistent flow of fulfilled dreams !

Become a Law of Attraction master

"Create better health, finances, and relationships"

In as little as six sessions you will see results and experience a release in the resistance to allowing in your success.

  • You will uncover what I call the "Why Factor" which is buried in our subconscious and when uncovered helps us to gain access to our power without interference, where there are no barriers and every thought made on purpose is able to create the thought vibration you need to attract what you want.
  • Discover what's hidden and standing in your way. With that discovery you are on your way to mastering the art of deliberate creating.
  • Get access to create, attract and allow the finances you desire to live a comfortable life and to provide for your family, create savings and other enjoyments.
  • Get access to create, attract and allow the health, fitness and vitality you want.
  • Get access to create, attract and allow the kind of relationships you want.
  • ​Get access to create, attract and allow the business success that you desire.

Focusing your thoughts on creating what you want is your strength...discovering the path to allowing it is your genius!

When you enroll in my course
you'll uncover what's been in your way of attracting your goals and how easy deliberate
attracting really is!

For Only $49.99
Yes... for about the price of a dinner out, you can get access to a framework that took me more than 10 years to create and is helping thousands of people to live the life they have always dreamt of.

Extra Bonus for signing up today!

"When you sign up today Here's what you will get when you enroll..."
  • ​6 Step Webinar Program
  • ​6 guides for each step 
  • ​Extra bonus: The Law of Attraction Goal Writing
  • ​Law of Attraction Inspirational Quotes
  • ​​FaceBook Group Membership
  • ​10% discount on the next program 
  • ​First 10 to enroll get two group sessions free in the master group
YES! Sign me up for "Unleash Your Power of Attraction by Discover the One Hidden Truth RIGHT NOW for a limited time offer of Just $49.99 !

See What Others Have to Say About The Program

"The first session was a great introduction to the course. A Powerful goal statement was a great way to begin the class.”

Cathy Thompson

"Goal setting that was meaningful."

Pia Alvarez

"Loved the personal stories. Especially the key learning's from trying to bring to market the plush toy.”

Jennifer Belcolore

"Liked that this was geared toward the laws of attraction and mindset, so explicitly detailed on how to word and phrase ‘goal statements’. Just enough material in first session to digest."

Danna Canneto

"I got more out of Mona Thorpe’s five-hour workshop than I did in five years of training. She presents new ideas in ways that are understandable and immediately usable.”

Madeline Macintyre, manager, Citibank

"If you want to break down the barriers that stand in the way of achieving your dreams. Mona Thorpe’s training is where you will get a tailored, yet systematic approach you are looking for."

Christine Norris, Scientist, IBM

"Mona provided me with a no-nonsense, effective method for identifying patterns that prevented me from realizing goals. Mona’s philosophy and techniques are very effective. I highly recommend her training services."

Michael Colvecchio, Home Appraisals, President

"You are truly a master in your field. Starting my business and writing my book is why I came to you and I have accomplished both successfully. For helping me to see my talents and that life is filled with possibilities that can become realities, I am eternally grateful!”

Joanna Quinn, President, Small to Tall Scholars

"Every part of my life is coming together. Out of all the methods I’ve tried for personal and professional development, Mona Thorpe’s training is the only one that’s worked rapidly and effectively"

Marge Hemingway, President, Maida Designs

Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today 
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  The Law of Attraction Check List_______ (Value $5.50)
  The Six Step Guide _________________ (Value $7.97)
  The Law of Attraction Goal Writing Ebook______(Value $15.99)
Total Value: $1,026
Today Just $49.97
Dear Fellow Creators,
Sharing the Law of Attraction Process with people looking to master the  art of  attraction  is one of my favorite things to do conversations. So there is no catch and I am so sure you will love my program that I am offering a 100% money back guarantee if anyone is not satisfied with their experience. I look forward to you joining the group and sharing the art of deliberate creating experience.

Thanks again,
Mona Thorpe
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  • The "Law of Attraction Goal Writing E-WorkBook (Value $15.99)
  • ​The Six Step Guide $7.97
  • The Law of Attraction Check List $5.50
Total Value: $1,026
Today Just $49.99

ONE TIME OFFER - Only $7.97: ~Recieve the "Why Factor" Ebook with your order today for half price. Discover the hidden process that makes the art of deliberate attracting an easy exerciese

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